Sunday, February 12, 2017

Favorite TV Show

My Favorite TV Shows

             My Favorite TV shows are the following: Lost, The Blacklist, and Poirot. These TV shows are exciting, adventurous, and action- packed. The summaries of each of these shows are the following:
            Lost: This TV show is about a group of your everyday people flying from Australia to Los Angeles, when their plane mysteriously crashes, on a uncharted island in the Pacific Ocean. They then have to adapt to the island´s many mysterious and dangerous habitants, who reject the newcomers at first, but eventually make peace between themselves, only to have to fend off another wave of new people who come to the island with harmful intentions to the island inhabitants. The original summary of this TV show is at the following link:
          The Blacklist: This TV show is about a amateur FBI agent/ profiler named Elizabeth Keen, who is partnered up with Raymond Reddington, a criminal turned good guy, who will only help the FBI as long as Keen is his partner. Together, Keen and Reddington tackle the most elite and dangerous criminals to the U.S. with the help of the FBI. The original summary is as follows:
         Poirot: This TV show is very similar to Sherlock Holmes, with Poirot being Sherlock Holmes and Captain Hastings as Dr. Watson. This show is based in England, where Poirot solves the most baffling mysteries to Scotland Yard, with the help of his associate Captain Hastings and the head of the Scotland yard police: Inspector Japp. ( Poirot's ""friendly" rival" ( IMDB)). The original summary of this show is at the following link: