Monday, October 24, 2016

Favorite Music

Image result for linkin parkMy favorite music songs are by the music group called Linkin Park. I like the music by this group because they sing about good morals, for people, and stories about random subjects. I listen to this music, while working on homework, due to its "calming" and "sensational" properties in its music. Another reason why I like this music is because most of the songs have lots of bass and awesome sound effects. I like music in general, due to the fact that when I was a younger kid, I used to play the violin, piano, and guitar.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Reflection on Place and Culture

-I am very proud of my home. I'm proud of it, because it is a very awesome, special place. My dad and I have so far built a barn, clubhouse/ house, and a chicken coop, in our backyard. We have also explored the surrounding woods( I also play airsoft with my friends in the woods too), and a ravine in my backyard as well.
-I'm proud of my culture because in some countries, people don't have as many freedoms as we do, we have better defenses against terrorism, and we have a consistently stable economy.
-My culture is primarily speaking English, fast food, online shopping and socializing, wearing whatever you like, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of press( writing about whatever you like), and a lack of jobs. I would like to change my culture, by having healthier food, less time on electronics, more jobs for people, and equality for all different races and cultures.

About Me

-"Hi," my name is Kurt! My interests in life, at the moment, are to make money, be successful at school, and work on building projects, around my house, with my dad and younger brother.
-My favorite outdoor activities are skiing, tent camping, hiking, biking, building, and fishing               ( applicable when I finally catch a fish, that is).
-My favorite pastimes are flying remote control planes/ quadricopters, building model planes, sleeping, and "pigging out" on all sorts of junk food( spicy chips/ food, mostly).  
-My goals in life are to join the USAF( United States Air Force), fly airliners, own my own plane, and travel the world. My favorite subjects at school, are  Biology, and English.
 -I have five other siblings who are very fun to be around, and each of them have a unique personality. For instance, my brother and I like to play airsoft together and play videogames.